002 - This means nothing.


Creating simple logos.
Helping companies discover who they are.

001 - This means everything.
Ben Schnell
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Darren is a competent, professional designer with a great eye, AND he is so much more. He understands how design integrates with brand and how brand integrates with reaching real customers better than any other designer I've ever worked with. He can stay in his lane and design, but if you have questions about your company identity more broadly speaking, he'll have well-informed, thought out answers. He can be a full-fledged partner in whatever your trying to accomplish -- he's that trustworthy and reliable.

Deanna Disbro
–Taylor Adhesives
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Darren's creativity and attention to detail has helped push the company's image forward. Darren is easy to work with, timely, communicative and sees a project through to positive results. We would highly recommend his design services.

Ali Ahmed
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Darren took the time to listen and then work collaboratively to create a logo and brand design that fit our business and was easy to deploy. He has been very responsive in providing additional support to our marketing efforts with new collateral and enhancements to existing material.

Seth Gladden
–Meridian Adhesives Group
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When I first met with Darren and looked through his design portfolio I knew he was the right choice to design our corporate logo and image. Since then we have continued to work with him for logo and design needs across our portfolio of companies. Darren is talented, easy-going and makes his clients feel like friends and partners. He is collaborative and works along side to ensure that the end result is better than your expectations.



I've worked with some truly extraordinary people.

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✅ Projects start at $5000.
❌ Last minute turn arounds.
❌ Monthly retainers.
❌ Work for company equity.


Our Mission Path

1. Pre-launch briefing

2. All systems go!

3. Exploration

4. Discovery

5. Brand re-entry

6. A successful landing!

003 - Suit up!
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Darren Case

• Stanley Kubrick – 2001: A Space Odyssey 🔴
• Radiohead – In Rainbows 🌈
• College dropout 🎓
• NASA 🛸
• Being indoors 🏡
• Playing video games with my talented wife 🎮
• Working – It's what I do best 💻
• Taking a bath while listening to a podcast 🛁
• Spaghetti + Spaghetti Westerns 🐴
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